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Hi, this is Michelle with April 25th Design and Decor and I'm an American Blinds customer. I love using them in my own home and my client's houses as well and I’m here to talk to you a little bit today about my design philosophy and style when decorating your home or space. Decorating should be fun, not intimidating, not something that's daunting, but a real joy because you are going to be decorating the space that you live in.

Your home should feel lived in and comfortable and loved and you should have things that are surrounding you that mean something, or what I call talking points in a room. Talking points are simply things that if someone walks into your room, you have something that you can actually say about the piece instead of I just purchased this at a store. So really think about the items that make you smile and happy when you look at them. And it can be anything from your grandmother's sewing machine that you have childhood memories of, or it could be a small vase that you find in a resale shop. Don't be scared to incorporate color into your room either. If you’re not comfortable with really bold colors, you can still incorporate color into a space by adding a pop of color into accessories like pillows. One thing that people tend to overlook a lot in their own homes are their windows and walls. There is nothing worse to me than seeing dated window coverings in a home and American blinds has some great options of inexpensive, easy ways that you can update your space with some fabulous window covering. A way to really think about your windows and walls are that you can take them and use them as accent; especially with walls you can use them as an accent wall. You can highlight the wall with a pop of paint color or even a neutral color that can be different from the rest of the space and you can do the same thing with your wallpaper. If you are afraid of wallpaper an entire room, just use one wall as a focal point and it also breaks up the space and it makes the room lot more interesting and gives it some pizazz.

So look for me at April 25th Design and Decor and find some more information and inspiration at

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