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Video: How to Install Outside Mount Blinds

American Blinds
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How to Install Outside Mount Blinds

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Learn how in this short video from American Blinds.


Learn how in this short video from American Blinds.

Now that you've received your new custom made window treatments from American Blinds, you must be very excited to install them. The keys to an easy successful instillation are to have the proper tools available and to read and follow the specific instructions you received with your blinds. The most common tools required drill are a steel tape measure, drill with a 1/16th inch bit, pencil, and a screwdriver. You will also need a level for blinds installed outside of a window. Blinds can be hung on various surfaces. Make sure to use proper anchors as needed to support the weight of your blinds. This will allow your blinds to function properly and will protect your walls from damage. Next check every part of your order to make sure that it is complete. Then simply follow the step by step instillation instructions included with your order. For basic installations position the brackets so they are level and evenly placed. Secure them with the supplied hardware.And then snap the head rail in to place. If you have a valance or decorative top treatment, you can now install them.When hanging a top treatment over a blind that is mounted on the outside of your window, make sure you have clearance between the curtain rod and the blind head rail. Congratulations on your successful installation. Now relax and enjoy your new American Blinds custom window treatments. If you have any concerns about the installation process, please feel free to contact customer service. We can also put you in touch with a professional installer in your area. American blinds wallpaper and more has every style for every budget to fit your unique needs. To see our complete line of window treatments, please visit or call to speak with one of our in house specialists.