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Video: Style Scout - How to Shop Estate and Garage Sales

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Style Scout - How to Shop Estate and Garage Sales

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Featuring Michele Stoll of April 25th Design & Decor


Featuring Michele Stoll of April 25th Design & Decor

Hi, I'm Michelle from April 25th Design and Decor and an American Blinds customer for myself and my clients. I have some tips for you when you're at an estate sale of how to get the biggest bank for your buck. What I tend to do is I scour the sale the first day it opens and I see all of the things that I would really love to have for myself or my clients. But then the key is, and don't tell anyone this little secret, because they don't want you to know this, go back to the sale and find out when the sale is ending and go back fifteen minutes prior to the end of the sale. That is when you can really get the best buys ever. At the estate sales, they want to move the items. They don't want to take them with you. What I do is I just offer them $20 or whatever I feel that the item is worth. 


I found this little gem and I fell in love with the way he looked and his character and he just spoke to me and said he needed to come back and live with me. He was originally priced at $45 and I went back ten minutes before the estate sale was over and got him for $5. And now he lives in my foyer with me. 


Another place to find fun and fabulous finds is an auction house. Don't let auction houses intimidate you. There's some great finds and buys to be had when you work with an auction house. One thing that I like to do is look online and see what they will be having for the auction. Usually it's every week. If you find something you love, one tip that I have is - don't actually attend at the auction because you tend to get too emotional with your money and you may end up spending more than you originally wanted to. So, call your bid in to the auction house and if you only want to spend $200, have that be the maximum bid that you put down. But please keep in mind that you're going to end up spending more than $200 because usually there's some fees involved. If there's a 20% surcharge, you may end up spending $240 for the item. Just keep that in mind as you're out and about looking at the item, that there's usually a 15-20% surcharge on the things that you love before you buy them. 


Garage sales are another great way to find some fabulous items for your home. Sometimes people who are pricing things at a garage sale have no idea how wonderful the items are that they're practically giving away. I found these glasses at my neighbor's garage sale. I fell in love with them. There were 12 of them for $20 and they were from the 1950s. I use them when I'm entertaining for my parties. The best story about these glasses is that my neighbor told me she was given these when she built her home 50 or 60 years ago. She treasured them but really didn't have the need for them anymore. Now, I use them in my new house. I love them just as much as she did.