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Video: Style Scout - Personalize Your Design

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Style Scout - Personalize Your Design

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Featuring Michele Stoll of April 25th Design & Decor


Featuring Michele Stoll of April 25th Design & Decor

Hi, this is Michele with April 25th Design and Decor, and I'm an American Blinds customer. I love using them in my own home as well as my clients houses as well. I have a great story that I love to tell to my clients that helps them feel more comfortable with the decorating and design process, and it has to do with khaki pants. How many times have you ever worn a pair of khaki pants where someone has come up to you all excited and saying "Oh where did you get those khaki pants? I need to buy some just like them!"? I would bet that hardly ever happens. Thats because everyone has a pair of khaki pants. Their safe and reliable, but their not much fun, and its a little bit like life. The safe and reliable road doesn't always lead you to the best path, and you have to think of that when your decorating as well. Take a chance with your decorating choices. Designs should be fun and an expression of who you are, and you keep evolving as a person and so should your home and the space that you live in. So really think about all of that as your stepping out into the department store. Don't just go with what you see in the store, think a little bit outside of the box of what you can maybe do to take that sofa and put in a little bit of an element of your style and artistic and creative ability. So when you're decorating your space, think about what you love to do in your free time and incorporate that into your home and your style as well.