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Video: How to Measure for Window Treatments

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How to Measure for Window Treatments

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How to Measure for Window Treatments with American Blinds.


How to Measure for Window Treatments with American Blinds.

AMERICAN BLINDS WALL PAPER & MORE MEASURING When measuring your windows there are a few questions you need to consider.What type of window treatments are you measuring for? Which mount would you choose?What is the depth of the casing inside or outside? To enter these you must first look at the window itself. Every tree merk measures slightly different,due to the size of the brackets and head real. It is good to determine which part that you are going to use prior to measuring,if you have chosen shutters or spagatty windows we recommend visiting our online measuring and installation service. When deciding whether to mount the blind inside or outside you need to look at the depth of the casing. For a fresh inside mount the depth should be equal to or greater than the size of the mounting bracket.,if the blind made for tool if there is enough depth. For an outside mount window treatments are hung on a wood frame or above it . This will eliminate problem with depth restrictions. To get started you need a stereo type measure. For a insidebmount measurethe window in 3 places,top,middle and bottom for both width and height.Record the shortest width and the longest height measurement for all blindtypes except verticals. For a vertical blind take a shortest height . Be sure when measuring each window to run down to the nearest 1/8th inch to ensure a perfect fit.For an outside mount measure the area you want to cover,. Since no deductions are taken your measurement must be exact. American Blind Wall Paper has everybstyle for every budget,to meet your unique needs. To see our complete line of window mounting please visit our website or call to speak with our in house specialist.